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Finding your way in Bergamo, new wayfinding totems for Bergamo’s station interchange

ATB Mobility

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The new totems with maps and dynamic information allow public to move confidently through Bergamo’s major transport interchange and reach key destinations in the surrounding area. 

Our Role
Steer Davies Gleave gave support ATB Mobility – Bergamo’s local transport authority - in developing a strategy for implementing a network of wayfinding totems. The totems will help improve city users and tourists accessibility and orientation at the key interchange node located in front of the railway station, Piazzale Marconi. Thanks to the wayfinding system implemented on the signs, the public can now easily access the latest information on transport services and move confidently through the interchange and to the key destinations in the surrounding area.

How we did it
As a first step, the project team conducted a study to determine the direction of pedestrian flows, to establish the optimal positions for the structures and to define the information requirements for each of the signs.

Once this first step was completed, we worked on the design of the signs. We conceived and implemented the layout of the totems, directions signs, digital information for the screens, schematic public transport maps and local area maps. 

A total of five totems were then installed. Two of them have static information bearing maps of the intermodal hub and urban services departing from Bergamo train station; the other three also include a digital element providing dynamic information such as urban and rural bus times, tram timetables and regional rail services and connections to the local airport.

The system also supports the display of a range of live information: road traffic conditions on major roads and highways of the city, public transport fares and special offers, average waiting times (e.g. taxis, luggage storage, etc.), availability of rentals (bike sharing, car sharing, bike and car rental, etc.), local initiatives and events as well as weather conditions. The totems also include Wi-Fi beacons for the free public Wi-Fi network.
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Se sei interessato a scoprire chi siamo, i progetti ai quali abbiamo lavorato o i nostri servizi.

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